CommerceLab provides a corporate infrastructure where companies can manage their business processes safely and innovatively, helping medium and large companies discover their e-commerce potential as well as providing a 360-degree service to increase their already existing potential.
ProLab is an integrated shoe factory where high craftsmanship and high quality meet the latest technology while offering a 360 degree service. The factory, which makes dreams come true in an area of 8000m2 in Hadımköy, also continues to explore new boundaries where impossible becomes possible.
ProLAB is the shoe production arm of MarkaLAB. We manage the in-house shoe and sneaker factory that covers 8,000 square meters of production space and locally employs 600 people in Turkey.
From Imagination to Reality

Idea, design, technology, dedication and reality… SampleLab, the only point where sown seeds come to life, is ready to offer a surreal experience in an area of 1700m2. Located in Seyrantepe, SampleLab turns your idea to a fully realized product in 24 hours, providing a professional 360-degree service to the customer, from design to fabric development, printing to ghost shooting in a one-of-a-kind laboratory. Once you get to SampleLab, all you have to do is sit back, dream and enjoy your personalized journey.