Iconic Jeans for The Iconic Team

We are a firm believer of the two heads are better than one head proverb. The cooperation at this point confirms the proverb we believe in. As a matter of fact, our national basketball teams representing Turkey in international tournaments and matches will continue to strengthen their strength thanks to Lee and Wrangler.

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Skechers Dynamism at Solheim

We Are Almost There

Smooth green grass in front of a blue sky with of course amazing people. This year we are all invited to The Solheim Cup where the tradition and prestige of the game of golf with passion for one’s country and continent. And of course with Skechers along our side.

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Metaverse and Fashion

Sit back and imagine yourself in the near future. Imagine that it’s 2040. The physical environment you’re in is not so different. But the physical environment on the other side of your glasses is quite different.

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Get Into High Gear With Smart Leggings

Get Into High Gear

It may be the most comfortable fashion item in our lives for a long time. It was probably our greatest companion throughout the pandemic. We want to say that the leggings we wear are more than just a fashion item. Is it just a clothing product that we use in our daily lives or sports?

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Love Letters to Indigo

Three Quarters Blue, One Quarters Purple
How old would you think a man-made color could be? Perhaps our first question should be
‘what is one of the oldest colors produced by humans?’

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What is BioDiversity?

One Life, One World
Understanding BioDiversity in Fashion
How seriously would you take us if we told you that all 1 million species on
Earth are about to be extinct?

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The Perfect Denim Jean Fit

Jeans, which are indispensable in our lives, have been with us for more than 150 years. It’s part of our daily lives. And there’s probably no one in the world who doesn’t wear jeans. Have you ever had trouble finding the jeans model that suits you best?

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When Sustainability Meets With Activewear

Talking about a common future?

Two words or tame words that seem contradictory when placed side by side. The fashion industry and sustainability? We’re lucky it’s at a time of diminished contradictions and irony. Because these two show that you can go hand in hand now. We think it should go ahead.

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