Get Into High Gear With Smart Leggings

December 30, 2021

Yagiz Pekkaya

3 minute reading

Get Into High Gear

It may be the most comfortable fashion item in our lives for a long time. It was probably our greatest companion throughout the pandemic. We want to say that the leggings we wear are more than just a fashion item. Is it just a clothing product that we use in our daily lives or sports?

No, thanks to new technologies, new techniques, new fabrics, and new designs, these leggings are starting to carry a lot more meaning and technique than we thought.

Welcome to the time of smart leggings…

Let us start with a little definition. Smart leggings are the perfect combination of form and function. They can be bolstered by high-tech-sounding features like compression or thermoregulation. Well, of course, nanotechnology, microfibers, and insulators are also few to name.

At the moment, we are getting a lot of support, even if we are not aware of technological equipment or external factors related to our health or appearance. Smartwatches, tracking and measuring devices, or a personal trainer who supports us next to us. What if we told you that these supporters are now integrated into the clothes we wear one-on-one? We’re talking about a situation that goes beyond techniques like compression or thermoregulation.

Can you imagine that the legging you wear automatically supports you or supports your posture in the sport you do? Or that it will tighten your form even more…

For example; responsive leggings by tech brand Wearable X use gentle pulses to give instant feedback to the wearer on their yoga postures The Nadi X leggings have five sensors embedded into the fabric. These connect via Bluetooth to an accompanying smartphone app to determine what yoga position the wearer is in.

The app displays the pose and uses vibration to offer feedback on places the body needs to be adjusted to improve the position. The pulses are powered by a battery, which is clipped behind the knee. Vibrations vary, depending on how the body needs to be aligned. 

Another innovative research of an institute is working towards developing clothes that have the benefits of acupuncture treatment. The garments press target points in the wearer’s body for pain relief and to enhance performance. Such garments can help athletes with blood circulation and appetite suppression. Smart textiles with embedded sensors can help monitor heart rate, pressure, posture, skin temperature, and breathing rate for sportswear.

Moreover, using mobile applications the data can be used to evaluate performance by algorithms and can give required feedback.

Modern-day technologies in sportswear not only can help an athlete or a player perform well, but also get better insights on their practice and help improve on their weak points, and even aid in post-performance recovery.

We’re talking about clothes that will make us do better than we are or do. At some point, we witness leggings reaching one’s maximum potential.

Even the simplest tights you wear when you work out contain a great deal of technology and technique. Cuts, seams, or fabrics. They all compliment each other with delicacy to make us feel more comfortable or move better. With the benefit of the new age and technology, these tights only jump to a different dimension.

It excites us as much as you do… We are glad to embrace the future.