The Perfect Denim Jean Fit

December 30, 2021

Yagiz Pekkaya

3 minute reading

The Perfect Denim Jean Fit

Jeans, which are indispensable in our lives, have been with us for more than 150 years. It’s part of our daily lives. And there’s probably no one in the world who doesn’t wear jeans. Have you ever had trouble finding the jeans model that suits you best? Choosing jeans that suit you best is like performing art. There’s the fit factor, the comfort factor, the do-these-make-my-body-look-good factor—all made a touch more complicated by remote try-on and tribulations.And then there are some questions that come with it: Do you want something skinnier or wider? And then there’s a low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise—what’s going to feel the best for your midsection? If you want a clear answer or a special guide follow our A-to-Z guide to the classic denim fits you’re likely to encounter this fall. Are you ready to find your perfect match?

The Fits, The Length, The Rise

1. The shape of The Leg

The thigh, the knee, and the leg opening… This is what gives you the different fits in jeans. The combination of these measurements gives you the shape of the leg.

2) The Rise

The rise is the distance from the crotch joint to the top of the waistband. You have got both a front and a back rise. And the back rise of the jeans is curved, which wraps around to the front of the jeans. Which eventually gives the jeans their figure-hugging fit. The rise is important because it determines where the jeans sit on your body. Low, Mid, High, Ultrahigh

3) The Length

The most important thing about the length is the break (where the legs end) to be just where your feet begin. With trends like cropped legs, cuffing, and stacking, the length of jeans has largely become a matter of personal preference. But the length of your jeans is important for how they look on you—and you can use it to your advantage to create optical illusions.

Cropped, Regular, Ankle, Tall 

Must-Know 3 Jean Fits

1. Skinny Fit

Always effortless, always slimming… These jeans are cut to be tight-fitting throughout the leg, from the thigh down to the ankle. They are similar to skin-tight leggings. Anyone can wear them, including you!

2) Straight Fit

When it comes to a straight fit, there are two questions to ask; classic or fashion? If you want to show off your curves a vintage-inspired fit will help you with unique front-and-center seams. If you prefer a more streamlined style, you should go for a classic silhouette. From day to night, clean lines will help you to switch styles quickly.

3) Relaxed Fit

More legroom or after a more comfortable fit? Relaxed-fit jeans have that broken-in feeling built right in, so stick to your best fit. You can capture a rather polished image without being fooled by its image since they are more versatile.